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Freediving (also known as Breath-Hold Diving or Apnea) is an amazing and unique sport. Swimming underwater on a single breath without the need of bulky or clumsy equipment has been described as a truly relaxing and personal experience.  Without the use of underwater breathing apparatus, freedivers on a single breath of air can explore the underwater world for minutes at a time with relative comfort.

We offer courses for people interested in learning to freedive or progress their career around the world.  Our experienced instructors will lead you through certification courses that will provide you with the basics and equip you to be relaxed and comfortable in the water all the way through to intermediate and advanced courses to help you advance to greater depths or breath-holds.

Our instructors are based around the world and include national and international freediving champions as well as Master Instructors and Instructor Trainers who have years of experience teaching freedive courses and have taught thousands of students.

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    Our Courses:

  • “Open Water Freediving” Course (UK)

    Open Water FreeDiving

    Location: Vobster Quay, Somerset – UK
    Qualification: SSI Level 1
    Cost: From 349 GBP
    Description: Join SSI Instructor Trainer and author of ‘One Breath, a Reflection on Freediving’ Emma Farrell and her team of instructors at the beautiful Vobster Quay in Somerset. Perfect for beginner and intermediate freedivers, this course is a fantastic introduction to the sport.

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  • “Skilled Freediver” Course (UK)

    Advanced FreeDiving

    Location: Vobster Quay, Somerset – UK
    Qualification: SSI Level 2
    Cost: From 449 GBP
    Description: Continue your Freediving Journey with SSI Intructor Trainer Emma Farrell. This course is perfect for students wanting to continue on from their SSI Level 1 or AIDA **.

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